Batch #4 2022 is a deep-tech AI-based venture, developing a polygraph-like fraud detection platform, a fully remote, contactless, cellphone-based application that will replace the invasive, expensive, long, and cumbersome polygraph test available today.

Newt makes professional nutrition support accessible through a digital platform that provides tailored daily support from certified nutritionists.

GoMake innovative data-driven software solutions specifically tailored for the printing industry.
The company creating a state-of-the-art SaSS based MIS solution specifically tailored for Printhouses. The MIS manages all aspects of running printhouses including cost tracking, quoting, production management, marketing, financials and more.

DAWN is the first of it’s kind AI-Driven Female -Centric Health Personal Diagnostic System The largest databases for female medical information: Diseases, Conditions & Symptoms, System for collecting & sharing knowledge and data. Exploration countless new opportunities in research and treatment Bespoke support and services for 51% of population.

GorillaLink provides a smart end-to-end PaaS SatCom solution that connects IoT sensors anytime and anywhere, enabling seamless and affordable wireless communication for industries worldwide.

Lulav Space provides a vision-based sensor suite for a variety of space missions such as lunar landing, satellite on-orbit servicing and debris monitoring, with a fraction of the power, mass and cost than existing RADAR or LIDAR based systems.

AKA is using the power of Deep Learning and Graph Neural Networks in order to digitize the plant-based food tech, map the molecular structure of food and create products with authentic taste and texture.

By applying the latest AI methods to food development, we are accelerating innovation and predicting unique combinations of ingredients, allowing for mainstream adoption of plant-based alternatives.

Flare is developing a fully automated production studio that is built especially for gaming streamers to help them provide their viewers with a thrilling and engaging watching experience.

Insighting is a SaaS solution helping companies to increase profit by transforming their data to opportunities with by using advanced algorithms and AI modules – we generate to our customers a potential increase of 14% in sales from the first month of use the platform.

Rapida developing the first of its kind Digital Inspection platform based on multiple sensor inputs and proprietary machine learning and civil engineering algorithms.

The solution enables an AI driven Workspace for all infrastructure owners and operators, ensuring end to end visual data assessments, analytics, and workflows.

Sealartec solution is an autonomous recovery system that can recovery any boat to any ship or rig without man in the loop, in the most demanding sea conditions.

Spring Vision, an Israeli company, develops, manufactures, and will soon market non-intrusive, real-time multispectral retinal imaging devices based on its proprietary breakthrough technology.

Yabi Technologies an innovative technological system that combines Gaterix a software solution and QRix an applicable solution for managing authorized access control without sector limitations. The system has several layers that allow high availability and strong redundancy to keep entrance flow in any scenario.

LoudNClear is a no-code, customer data & automation platform for customer-facing teams.

The platform turns anything customers do or say into a smart workflow. We consolidate all 3rd party customer data and enable users to build queries and automation – all in a no-code, easy-to-use interface.

INTSITE employs AI and Deep Learning to optimize and automate the machinery at the center of a worksite, transforming the performance of industries focused on heavy machinery, amongst construction & mining. The company collaborate with 3 out of the 10 top heavy machinery OEMs.