I found here an enthusiastic team that is willing to help and support no matter the field. I was ready for my meetings with investors thanks to the knowledge I received in the program.


In my view, IN-VENTech is one of the most amazing programs in the country and maybe worldwide.


IN-VENTech puts has in the center of the ecosystem together with very similar companies.


Since joining the program, our startup has grown and recently we closed a $2.5M funding round. Without the program we wouldn’t be where we are today.


Entering the program has creating a framework for us to lean on in grow inside going forward.

Yabi Technologies

This is an amazing program that personally I recommend anyone that can to participate.


We very much enjoy the guidance, support, and joint brainstorming with the program’s team. We always have someone to talk to, and the work is not just in theory but rather in practice and with proven results.


We reached our funding rounds more prepared. This year we almost doubled our size, IN-VENTech has contributed a lot in that


With the support of the program we raised about $ 3 million from great investors.

Structure Pal

 The program’s team helped us immensely with building our business model, dealing with investors agreements and connections. This is a winning environment for any startup!


The program provides us with comfortable conditions, advice, and full-time consulting with exposure to investors and partners.


The team helps us sketch our way of thinking business, planning forward and executing. Any startup will get everything it needs here in order to enjoy the daily work. I have no doubt that without being on this program we wouldn’t be in the amazing point that we are today.

Clean Coin 

The personal giving, assistance, and knowledge that we received is enormous. We’re in the midst of our funding round and the program’s team helps all along the way, starting with connections to investors all the way to advising us on negotiations and closings.


The team connected us with the top hospitals in the world. The program is the right place to be for any startup, thanks to its amazing team.