Batch #6 2024

AquanautiX : Innovators of KikFin™ – the world‘s 1st hands-free smart water scooter: a Jet-pack wingsuit that also doubles as a diving vest and a surfboard motor. Endorsed by the free-diving world champion. Rigorously tested. Patented.

Founded in 2021 by Hadar Ekhoiz Razmovich, Liran Gruda and Tali Feldman Sivan (PhD), Meala aims to revolutionize the food industry by providing sustainable and healthier alternatives to popular meat products. Recognizing the growing demand for cleaner ingredients, Meala focuses on eliminating chemical-laden additives like methyl cellulose and hydrocolloids from plant-based alternatives. With a primary product serving as a binding and gelling agent, Meala strives to bridge the gap between consumer demand for healthy meat alternatives and the processed vegan options currently dominating the market, ensuring that plant-based products truly deliver on health and taste while minimizing the divide between meat and its analogues.

EXOSOMM develops patented bioactive ingredients – milk exosomes containing natural miRNAs. EXOSOMM’s revolutionary ingredient stems from years of deep-science academic research, including published scientific results and a granted patent. EXOSOMM’s unique technology upcycles the byproduct of traditional cheese factories by extracting exosomes from the whey, creating a bioactive ingredient that can be added into food and can treat inflammatory chronic diseases naturally. EXOSOMM’s initial products will address the unmet needs of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s & Colitis), yet its vision is to create a wide platform of exosome-based products, leading the new era of therapeutic food.

Canotera is at the vanguard of legal tech, utilizing AI to redefine legal services. Our integration of Large Language Models with advanced signal processing meets the sector’s need for both efficient automation and quantifiable high accuracy. Vicara, the first of our product suite, offers precise legal case outcome predictions through our sophisticated geometric machine learning algorithms. It not only simplifies complex case analysis but also enriches strategic insights by leveraging historical data comparisons.

We are committed to making legal services more accessible and efficient, breaking down barriers to ensure justice for all. In the rapidly evolving legal tech landscape, Canotera is poised to drive transformation, making legal support more accessible and streamlined with our AI-driven solutions.

VH2O is an innovative health and wellness company focused on revolutionizing nutritional supplement consumption. We offer a personalized supplements dispenser connected to the water supply, infusing water with customized vitamin and nutrient blends based on individual needs, as analyzed by our AI based app. Our range of eco-friendly supplements capsules targets various health concerns, eliminating the need for traditional pill bottles and promoting a healthier lifestyle naturally through water consumption. At VH2O, our mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health with data-driven, personalized, and environmentally responsible solutions.

Engini is an integration Platform as a Service enabling seamless automation with no-code & AI (imagine Zapier for ERPs and finance system).
With No-Code Automation and Integration for Your ERP & SaaS Systems you can connect, automate and optimize your business.
Engini offers all your Integration needs with no-code, connecting your core information systems seamlessly.

Conntour is software that enables every business to reduce its carbon emissions.

Most companies lack the necessary knowledge to reduce their emissions, but with new regulations in the US and globally – they will soon be required to do so. Our tool allows any company to go through this process easily & efficiently, even with no prior knowledge of this space.

Calodar is pioneering a new era in nutritional management for professionals. Our unique remote nutritional monitoring solution is tailored for nutritionists and dieticians, leveraging state-of-the-art AI to transform a single photo into a comprehensive nutritional analysis. With a goal of streamlining dietary tracking, we enable professionals to effectively monitor clients’ diet compliance with greater ease and precision. By putting our instant journaling app in the hands of supervised dieters, Calodar simplifies meal plan monitoring while improving journaling adherence – ensuring better diet outcomes.

NovoDia reimagines education by enabling school districts and teachers to create personalized, engaging, and standards-aligned learning resources. Our platform ensures every piece of content is high-quality and vetted, tailored to meet students’ unique needs, interests, and cultural backgrounds. NovoDia stands at the forefront of educational innovation, transforming how instructional materials are designed and delivered.