Batch #5 2023


Reborn is developing a portable and safe helmet brain scanner that utilizes ultrasound technology to produce 3D high-resolution images comparable to CT scans. The bedside scanner system includes a helmet with multiple sensors and a workstation for displaying, controlling, and processing. Reborn utilizes the team’s vast experience in algorithms, ultrasound, sensors, and system design to provide an innovative and holistic approach. This approach enables doctors to save lives by quickly diagnosing a range of neurological problems and injuries such as Stroke, and TBI, and monitoring bleeding, midline shift, or ventricle size.

Israeli med-tech startup aiming to help alleviate the suffering of hundreds of millions of patients and reduce the high financial burden due to frequent hospitalizations of chronic respiratory patients.

SenseGuard™ is a wireless and non-invasive solution for monitoring and managing chronic respiratory conditions, utilizing proprietary nano-based sensors for measurements of lung function biomarkers from patient’s tidal breathing.  

SenseGuard™ is the only solution to provide lung function from measurements of tidal breathing, enabling simple and reliable self-measurements by patients while promoting high patient compliance.

Nurami is a medical device company focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative soft tissue regeneration products which address the unmet needs in surgery and trauma. 

Nurami’s products incorporates nanofibers and novel biomaterials to effectively seal wounds, eliminate complications associated with soft tissue grafts, such as dangerous leaks, and to promote healthy tissue formation. 

With its pipeline of advanced “seal and heal” surgical patches and sealants, Nurami improves clinical outcomes and reduces overall surgical costs.

Carbon Blue is developing a profitable and scalable technology for carbon dioxide removal for climate change mitigation. 

Our proprietary technology removes CO2 from the world’s biggest CO2 absorber – the world’s ocean – freeing them to capture more CO2 from the atmosphere. 

CO2 is naturally 140 times more concentrated in seawater than in the air, making it an ideal source for carbon removal. 

The solution is safe, efficient, and massively scalable.

One of the most pervasive disruptions today, for both companies and end users, is Hybrid Cloud Downtime. It is complex to solve, extremely expensive & around the world affects ~ 75% of organizations.

Our AIOPS platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms for proactive and automated anomaly detection, root cause analysis, mitigation suggestion and prediction.   

We ensure uptime & SLA compliance in Hybrid Cloud environments by reducing frequency & duration of unplanned downtime. This avoids lost revenues, damaged reputation & expensive resolutions.

Brocali is an adaptive training platform that leverages advanced language models to provide tailored content, live courses, customized curricula, hands-on training, and certification. Our mission is to address exam-related challenges, decrease dropout rates, and enhance accessibility to education for all.

Droxi is an AI-powered software that reduces the endless admin tasks for physicians, allowing them to spend more time with patients.

Droxi’s AI displays the most relevant data for each task, automates workflows, and allows swift access to follow-up actions, so less unbillable time is spent, increasing revenues and creating value for healthcare providers.

Droxi has already raised $1.5M from strategic investors and has paying pilots with leading US healthcare institutions.

Thoracic trauma (17M Cases/year) is the leading the cause of accidental death worldwide requiring urgent treatment within 1 hour to save lifes. Effective drainage is required after 62M Surgeries.

Life Saving C-Lant Technology for effective treatment of chest trauma and post operative drainage.

Multifunctional C-lant device, self fixated to the thorax/abdominal wall within 5 sec. by any medical personnel and allows effective, and safe drainage.

C-lant is a-traumatic, self fixating device, allowing insertion and fixation of chest tubes and medical instruments of any size. US patent was obtained through fast track, EU patent granted.

AQUALITAS uses advanced AI and proprietary sensor design to deliver reliable, real-time water quality data. Our sentient monitoring systems are self-aware, monitor their own health, and alert when a failure occurs. We provide our solutions as-a-service, offering an affordable and low-maintenance way for plant operators to optimize their processes, save money, and protect the environment.

ThermoMind developing an innovative, risk-free and non-contact screening technology for early-stage breast cancer detection using dynamic thermal imaging with Artificial Intelligence. 

The company develops medical devices with customized, highly sensitive thermal sensing hardware and combines with sophisticated AI system to analyse thermal data and identify potential health issues in patients.
Whether it’s for early disease detection, real-time monitoring, or ongoing patient care, the company’s imaging solutions offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

FVMat is a deep-tech startup, developing dynamic and multi-functional Meta-Materials by combining machine learning and advanced multi-physics simulation technology.

The company target the aerospace industry and generate revenue through software licensing and consulting services.