Port Innovation District

We believe that promoting an innovation ecosystem is central in its importance to the economic development of the city and to the creation of employment opportunities for the residents of Haifa.
A flourishing ecosystem is based on three factors * :

  1. Real availability of properties in the district: Shared workspaces, offices, public transportation, culinary facilities, nightlife, and a young fertile environment.
  2. Economic assets: Corporations, academic institutions, hospitals, and companies that promote and utilize technological innovation
  3. Engine that supports and creates social and business connections between the first 2 categories to the entrepreneur community.

* The approach is based on the work of Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner 

Downtown Haifa today is the center of a growing community of technologically innovative startups alongside with academic branches of Haifa University, The Open University, business accelerators and well equipped and designated shared office space.

IN-VENTech connects the selected companies to the city’s main institutions and program’s partners: The Technion, University of Haifa, city hospitals, Port of Haifa and the world’s leading high-tech corporates located in the hi-tech park of south Haifa. These partners makes Haifa a fertile ground for thriving and flourishing innovation district ecosystem.