Portfolio Jobs

radd. is an eCommerce platform that allows online brands to boost user generated content via LIVE broadcast and data driven stories.

We are now scaling and looking for a positive, independent sales manager who is eager to make crazy things happen and join our new vibrant Haifa offices.

As a radd. sales manager, you will be part of our radd. marketing group working closely with our CMO, product manager and social manager.


  • Directing Sales: Identifying sales opportunities, setting up meetings with potential clients and identifying their pain points and concerns, delivering top-notch presentations on products and services and demonstrating ROI, Negotiate/closing deals and handling feedback.
  • Establishing Collaborations: Identifying potential collaborators, on-boarding collaborators, setting sales targets.
  • Marketing: Actively seeking out new sales opportunities through networking and social media.
  • Additional responsibilities: Creating sales reports, gathering feedback from customers or prospects and sharing with the teams.

Desired Skills & Experiences:

  • A team player who loves the start-up life and energy.
  • Heart and soul sales pro
  • Familiarity with the eCommerce space- an advantage
  • A deep understanding of sales, marketing negotiating techniques
  • Achiever, fast learner, self-motivated with a results-driven approach
  • Proficiency in English

In this role you will expand and lead the software and algorithms R&D teams and assist the overall company growth process.
You will be responsible for design and architecture, infrastructure, software methodologies, monitoring the team’s activities and productivity.
You will be responsible for setting goals, collaboration between teams, mentoring and cultivating talent, and providing solutions for professional and technical issues.


  • 3+ years of experience as V.P/Director R&D in a growing startup company.
  • Experience in architecture design including production deployment and scale-up.
  • Technical management experience.
  • Proven experience in designing and implementing solutions for challenging development issues (Python, Microservices, Cloud, ML/DL).
  • Proven experience in Agile methodologies.
  • People-first Manager with proven leadership skills.
  • English – Fluent level.

TankU has developed a unique and innovative array of products and solutions, offering personalized and interactive services such as fueling, charging, deliveries, shopping and more to answer the growing need for in-car payments. Utilizing the existing security cameras in outdoor retail environments, cutting edge machine learning and deep learning techniques, our solutions achieve unrivalled accuracy and robustness that assist in streamlining service station operations and enhance customer experience and loyalty. Our team, comprised of leading experts in the Hi-Tech industry, have vast experience in the service stations and retail industry, as well as high standards of service and technological expertise.


  • Planning and monitoring agile development projects, implementing risks and quality improvement plan.
  • Work closely with the Business Stakeholders (both external and internal) to plan, analyze and prioritize projects.
  • Tasks tracking and promote execution.
  • Work with customers; understand and update projects requirements and product definitions through the projects’ lifecycle.


  • Bachelor’s degree in SW/Industrial Engineering, or related field.
  • PMP or equivalent Project Management Certification – an advantage.
  • 4 years of experience as a SW Project Manager.
  • Hands on working knowledge of project management tools.
  • Experience in handling multiple tasks and projects.
  • Work effectively within an Agile development environment.
  • Proven global customer facing experience including writing Product Requirement (API) and Functional Specifications documents.
  • Solid technical background.
  • Ability to prioritize, to meet deadlines and quickly shift priorities as necessary.
  • Creative, strategic, analytical and think outside the box to solve problems.
  • Excellent time management, problem-solving and organizational skills.
  • Fluent English – Must!

In this role you will collaborate with the R&D team, architecting, developing and testing backend components. You will take ownership of complex systems, and take a role in the design, architecture and maintenance of the different aspects of the product, from edge device backend to various web servers. You will take part in all stages of edge device setup (e.g., install, development, monitoring). Experience is required in developing production ready Python code, in particular with Django. Experience with Microservices, concurrency, performance optimization and/or software design (and architecture) is preferred.


  • 3+ years of python backend programming experience.
  • Experience with Microservices architecture.
  • Experience in writing high-level and low-level specs.
  • Management / team leading experience – an advantage.
  • Strong analytical and communication skills.
  • Management / team leading experience – an advantage.
  • Self-learning abilities.

Job description:

  • Install, configure, Linux and windows OS.
  • Automate routine tasks.
  • Local site servers and network management.
  • Global edge equipment management.
  • Ensure operating environments are properly configured and functioning as per requirements/engineering specifications and provide support for them to the developers.


  • 1-2 years of experience in office IT or Network management.
  • CCNA or equivalent certification or experience.
  • MCITP/MCSA or equivalent certification or experience.
  • Linux system administration experience.
  • Fortigate Firewall management experience.
  • English- high level skills.

Nice to have:

  • Mikrotik Certification or equivalent experience.
  • Basic software development or scripting skills.

TankU is a fast-growing startup, which develops unique sensor fusion technologies to enable seamless and secure user experience. Our solutions utilize cutting edge machine learning and deep learning techniques to achieve unrivaled accuracy and robustness. Our first commercial product – automation of the fueling and payment process.

We are looking for an excellent DevOps Engineer with extensive cloud-based infrastructure knowledge.


  • Work with the development team, provisioning of cloud resources for development, testing and production
  • Deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters and cloud environments.
  • Automating deployment to development & testing & Production environments (CI/CD)
  • Automation of Linux package build and signing, provisioning and management of Linux package repositories.


  • At least 3 years of experience with DevOps
  • Experience with AWS
  • Good understanding and experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with creation and management of CI/CD Pipelines
  • Good knowledge of Linux and bash scripting
    Understanding of network protocols, certificates etc.
  • Good understanding of Git


  • Experience with configuration management tools such as: Ansible / Puppet / Aptly
  • Experience with setup/configuration/maintenance of monitoring infrastructure (ELK, Zabbix, …)
  • Familiarity with Azure cloud management
  • Familiarity with a scripting / glue programming language e.g., Python, Ruby.

Job description

TankU is a fast-growing startup, which develops unique sensor fusion technology to enable seamless and secure identification in the real world. Our identification process utilizes cutting edge machine learning and deep learning techniques to achieve unrivaled accuracy and robustness. Our first target – one-tap mobile payment solution for gas stations.

We are looking for a computer vision expert to join our team.

You will take part in processing highly varied input signals in real time to achieve unique situational awareness.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Proven track record with computer vision tasks in PyTorch/TensorFlow [+2 year]
  • Software engineering skills and experience in Python/C++ [+2 year]

Major advantages:

  • Experience in developing real time algorithms
  • Experience with go
  • Experience with classical computer vision
  • Product awareness

Working in a startup, developing novel technologies to cater for a huge market, you will face unique challenges and vast room for creativity and initiative.

TankU is a fast growing startup, which develops unique sensor fusion technologies to enable seamless and secure user experience. Our solutions utilize cutting edge machine learning and deep learning techniques to achieve unrivaled accuracy and robustness.  Our first commercial product – automation of the fueling and payment process.

We are looking for:

  • a Senior Linux System Administrator and Engineer with:
  • 3+ years of work experience as a system administrator in Linux/Unix based systems
  • Experience in configuration management in server provisioning and automation via Ansible or equivalent
  • Experience with software development in Python, GO or Java
  • Extensive knowledge of networking and communications protocols
  • Experience with development and installation of security related features. 

Job description

  • Install, configure, maintain, manage, and troubleshoot Linux based OS and associated components such as the OS, File System, hardware issues, kernel and OS performance, BIOS and Kernel signing.
  • Ensure operating environments are properly configured and functioning as per requirements/engineering specifications as related to specified network and storage components and applicable tool suites, performance degradations and provide support.
  • Monitor system performance to identify and correct performance issues.
  • Utilize UNIX scripting (Bourne, PERL, BASH, Powershell) and other scripting languages to optimize and automate system administrator tasks.
  • Provide technical support for disaster recovery efforts (actual or simulated) to include disaster recovery documentation.
  • Perform hardware and software technology refreshes, ensuring compliance with tight timelines while coordinating with MPs to minimize disruptions.

One of our portfolio companies is looking for a CTO &Full Stack Engineer
The company is a young and growing startup that has an innovative and first-class product in the world of Mental Health Care.

Leading the product development, including all the aspects of technological development, and aspects of the product.
Technological leader with the passion to impact Mental Health Care – Systems

Background in SW development/SW development management and the capacity to manage SW development work.
The product works in web and mobile environments and features AI elements.
for more info please contact [email protected]

Location: Haifa Israel

  1. Experience with JS and Python with of 1-3 years experience in one of them (preferably JS)
  2. Experience with SQL databases
  3. Experience with complex systems and different technologies mix
    ● drawing reading flow charts
    ● good technical communication ability
    ● understanding of async flow patterns
  4. Integration projects experience – nice to have
    ● building/documenting APIs
    ● integrating with sync/async APIs
    ● understanding of modern auth schemes
  5. Professional traits:
    ● Able to work in semi-managed mode
    ● Able to define and follow tasks
    ● Good interpersonal communication
    ● Personal projects examples are welcome
  6. AWS/other cloud ecosystem experience is very welcome

Location: Haifa Israel (WFH possible)
Job type: Full time, permanent

This is an opportunity to work with cutting edge AI technologies in a fast-changing mobility sector.

Skills and experience:

  • Proven experience (3+ years) in full stack development including microservice architecture,
  • Cloud solutions, Node.js and Python, Object Oriented and functional programming,
  • Databases: RDS, NOSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB), MemCache.

Location: Haifa Israel
Job type: Full time, permanent

We’re looking for an experienced Algorithms Engineer with strong Python programming skills and a good understanding of algorithmics & deep learning.

Main responsibilities:

  • Training DL models for both frontend and backend.
  • Integrating trained models into the mobile environment in JS
  • Creating a data collection feedback loops for DL systems
  • Automation of DL retraining process
    This is an opportunity to work with cutting edge AI technologies in a fast-changing mobility sector.

Skills and experience:

  • Proven experience in algorithms development
  • Proven experience in releasing software into production
  • High-level knowledge and experience in Python
  • knowledge of a JavaScript + Angular/React/Ionic – a must
  • Highly motivated, team player stimulated by ambitious delivery targets
  • M.Sc./Ph.D. degree focusing on ML / CV / Algorithms strong preference.
  • Familiarity with a DL framework (Keras/Tensorflow/Pytorch/..)
  • Linux knowledge – an advantage
  • Experience working on a cloud environment – an advantage

Profiloty is a well-funded startup that has an innovative and first-class product in the world of Health Care. The company was founded to support decisions in the process of transition of patients from acute to post-acute care. We developed a unique, clous based sophisticated platform that supports setting the right personalized care for thousands of patients already.
Currently we are at this exciting and challenging stage where we’re quickly growing with our current and new solutions.


  • You will take a major part in designing and implementing complex frontend and backend systems.
  • Implement solutions in cloud environment
  • Learn new technologies and enrich other team members
  • Perform code reviews, evaluate implementations, and provide feedback about potential tool improvements
  • You will onboard into the world of medical treatments, medical records, big data analytics and build a system that will remove a barrier between the patient and the best medical treatment they should receive.


  • B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Solid experience and passion for software engineering
  • 2+ years of backend and frontend development – with JAVA experience (.net is an advantage).
  • Proficiency with Cloud Services (AWS, Azure, IBM, Google Cloud or others)
  • Knowledge in architecture and design of scalable and high performance complex distributed systems – advantage
  • Strong analytical thinking, systematic problem-solving skills
  • Attention to details and high coding standards
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, in a dynamic environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High level of English

A startup company developing a control & management system for the maritime industry based
on an advanced video analytic algorithm.
Great potential due to strong traction from the industry.
We are looking for an experience DEVOPS software developer to join us in our exciting journey.
Take end-to-end responsibility of the company's production environments, including data-
processing pipelines and web services in a rapid delivery cycle.


  • 2+ years of experience working with AWS, containers orchestration, node.js, monitoring
    frameworks (ECS/Kubernetes).
  • The company office is in Haifa near the train station.